FAQs on OneID

Which wallets are supported for registering OneID

In our recent update, we are now supporting Coin98 Super Wallet, MetaMask, Ramper Wallet, and FoxWallet to register OneID.

Which tokens can be used to register OneID

With the support of cross-chain order, users can seamlessly register OneID on with $C98 on:

  • Viction (VRC25)

  • Ethereum (ERC20)

  • BNB Chain (BEP20)

  • Polygon (PRC20)

Besides $C98, OneID is now also supporting $VIC and $BNB for registering IDs, offering our users more options for a seamless experience on our platform.

What are the supported DIDs?

As the world's first truly all-in-one digital identity solution, OneID is constantly striving to help users embrace their identity as ultimate as possible. By offering a variety of DIDs, we are providing users more choice and flexibility, the ability to choose the perfect DIDs for their needs across the digital world. OneID is currently supporting 28 DIDs:

  1. .c98

  2. .atm

  3. .buidl

  4. .hodl

  5. .wagmi

  6. .btc

  7. .bitcoin

  8. .crypto

  9. .blockchain

  10. .wallet

  11. .nft

  12. .dao

  13. .ape

  14. .web3

  15. .multichain

  16. .102

  17. .888

  18. .aff

  19. .boss

  20. .kol

  21. .mmo

  22. .hc

  23. .bta

  24. .up

  25. .alix

  26. .gft

  27. .babydoge

  28. .gmvn

Which platforms have successfully integrated OneID's services?

OneID users can now use their OneID in making transactions with the partners that have successfully integrated OneID’s Inspect SDK, including:

  • Coin98 Super Wallet, Coin98 Extension

  • DODO - DEX

  • FoxWallet

  • Ramper Wallet

  • Aliniex - CEX

  • Halo - Web3 Social app

  • Rubic - DEX & Bridge Aggregator

  • SendTokens

  • Krystal Defi

  • Nabox Wallet

By approaching more and more partnerships, OneID is excited to propel a movement that reimagines the crypto landscape, bringing about unprecedented improvements in user accessibility, security, and overall satisfaction. More routes are being prepared for users to explore the digital realm.

What additional benefits are offered to OneID holders?

In addition to the functional benefits that OneID itself offers users, OneID holders also receive a wider range of perks, including:

  • Participate in launchpads launching on Starship. To participate in the token sale, users need to complete their OneID KYC verification. Starship also brings a special surprise for the OneID community by adding our 3 & 4-character OneID holders to the Whitelist round of its first launchpad “SA World”.

  • Saros Super App airdrops for OneID holders with a total $SAROS allocation: >7.9M.

  • Extra Krystal Points for OneID holders. Join the Krystal DeFi Point System Program, each OneID linked with wallets connected to Krystal will get 1,000 points. If you have multiple OneIDs in a wallet, the number of points you will receive is calculated using this formula: 1,000 points x the total number of valid OneIDs. The points will transform into $KRYSTAL.

  • Hairy The Bene airdrops $HAIRY for OneID holders.

  • The Contrarians PFP NFT Collection: Exclusive minting round for OneID holders.

  • Eternals Exclusive PFP NFT Collection “The Holy Cat”: Whitelist for 3 & 4-character OneID holders.

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