Step 1: On Coin98 Super Wallet, access OneID from the Home screen.

Step 2: From the My IDs or Linked IDs tab (if you have already linked your IDs with your wallet), click on an ID

Step 3: Choose Copy Referral Link to copy your ID's Referral Link. Now you can share the link with others to invite them to register.

If you have logged into your OneID on the Coin98 Super Wallet, there is a faster way to get your Referral Link:

Step 1: Click on the OneID account on the top left corner of the Home screen

Step 2: Click the copy icon next to your Referral Link

While registering for a OneID, your friend can input your ID/Referral Link into the box (as shown below).

Your friend (the referee) will get a 10% discount on the base price.

You (the referer) will receive a commission worth 50% of the base price for the DID .c98.

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