How to register OneID

This article will guide you to register your OneID

To get started, access OneID's website: and then connect with the wallet used for registering your ID first.

Step 1: Type the ID you want to register in the Search box.

If an error message "unavailable ID" pops up, it means the ID you're searching for has already been registered. Try another one.

If the ID is available, you can proceed with the registration.

Step 2: Choose an ID, choose your plan (1 year or 5 years) then add the ID to your cart.

You can repeat these 2 steps and add multiple IDs to your cart.

Step 3: Checkout

Click on the Check Out icon at the top left corner of the page. In this step, you can input your referral ID Name to get a 10% cashback (Referral Back)

Check the order details and click Order to proceed.

Registering your IDs takes three steps:

  1. Pre-order to avoid front-running.

You will need to approve C98 for this transaction first.

After submitting, if you don't complete your registration in the provided time, you will lose this pre-order amount. Click Submit Pre-order to proceed or Back to Cart to cancel.

  1. Wait for 30 seconds to secure your IDs, ensuring that the IDs you're about to buy won't be taken by others.

  1. Complete your order

Pay the rest of your Total and receive your IDs immediately.

Registration is valid for only 1 hour. We can't refund your pre-order in any case you fail to complete your order in time.

Once completed, you can check out your IDs in the My IDs section.

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