How to buy .babydoge DID

This article will guide you to register your .babydoge DID, link it with your wallet, and set it as primary name

To get started, access OneID's website: and then connect with the wallet used for registering your ID first.

Make sure the network is Binance Smart Chain. You can change network by clicking on the network logo on top-right corner.

Step 1: Type the ID you want to register in the Search box.

If an error message "unavailable ID" pops up, it means the ID you're searching for has already been registered. Try another one.

If the ID is available, you can proceed with the registration.

Step 2: Choose an ID, choose your plan (1 year or 5 years) then add the ID to your cart.

Step 3: Checkout

Click on the Check Out icon at the top left corner of the page. In this step, you can input your referral ID Name to get a 10% cashback (Referral Back)

Check the order details and click Order to proceed.

Registering your IDs takes 2 steps:

  1. Approve $BABYDOGE

You will need to approve $BABYDOGE for this transaction first.

  1. Complete your order

Next, you can review your order, in this section, you can:

  • Change the payment token. By default, C98 is payment token, you can switch to $BABYDOGE instead.

  • Check if the price is correct. And your token balance should be larger or equal to required amount.

If the information is correct, click Submit Order

Registration successfully notification shows up. You can click on Checkout Activity to check the order status

Once completed, the Status column value will be Completed

You can check out your IDs in the My IDs section.

Requirements: You must own at least 1 ID

Step 1: In My ID section, switch to Viction network. You can click on the Switch to Viction button below your .babydoge ID

Step 2: After you have switched to Viction network, click Link Wallet button below your ID

Step 3: Choose wallet address that you want to link with the ID, then click Save

How to set Primary Name

Requirements: Wallet must have at least 1 ID linked

Use case: Set Primary will assign one of Linked IDs as a representative account and serve as a cross-platform Web3 username and profile. Users can only designate one primary name per account.


Step 1: Connect wallet to One ID

Step 2: On top right corner, click on Set Primary Name (Below your connected wallet address)

Step 3: In pop-up, choose ID that you want to be Primary Name.

Step 4: Once set successfully, The ID that is chosen as Primary will have tag PRIMARY NAME, and your wallet address on Profile button will turn into Primary ID.

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